Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I believe

I heard this song today and it's absolutely amazing. It's made me do some thinking and well it's very inspirational. You really do need to believe in yourself and make your own dreams come true. Don't anyone stop you for most of us are simply amazing, yet we don't allow ourselves to realize it. It's not successes that make us who we are rather its are hard times that allow us to prove to not only the world but ourselves how strong we really are.

I believe- Yolanda Adams

Sunday, June 14, 2009

graduation and moving.. whats next

These past few weeks have been quite well different to say the least.

I graduated from high school on the 2nd and I had pretty much been out of school minus check in and stuff for two weeks. It was weird seeing all of the people that have surrounded me for the past 4 years all together knowing our lives were all about to change. All 1236 of us together laughed, cried, cheered, hugged, and were missing our cellphones ( they didn't allow us to bring them to graduation which we there at 5:30 it started at 7 and didn't end till almost 11). It was hard to watch these people who have affected my life in so many ways sit with me knowing that the journey that lies ahead in all of its excitement is going to be hard at times and during the hard times, for the first time we won't endure them together. I was hard to see my sister grace who has been and always will be my best friend cry because she finally realized that I am really leaving in 3 months to go live 7 hours away.

As if all of this isn't enough for ones emotional stability we moved into our new the very next week. Its weird as I sit in my new room which i have only been in since tuesday here writing this. I have a bigger room, although I have to share a smaller bathroom. Oh well I guess I like it is just different. I realized as I unpacked my cloths I definitely need to update my wardrobe.

By the way you never truly realize how much stuff you have until you pack it all up and then unpack it all.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I get to take my truck to college!!!

Last nite I went to Chick-fil-a, grace, my younger sister, works there, for dinner last nite with my dad. We were talking about when I leave for school and all. Move in day is the 23rd of auguest. I found that that all the girls participating in rush, and thoses who went the foundation camp move in on the 22nd second, and any other students with a vaild reason for moveing in a day early. I asked if I need to call tech to see about moving in early because grace starts school on the 24 and it would be nearly impossible for them to help me move in and make the 6 hour drive back home. He said you can move in on the 23rd becasue we are only taking one car. Then I was really confused. I asked how the car was going to get back home. Thats when he said were driving your truck up there and then grace, your mom and I will fly back home. I was really excited but I felt bad at the same time, this meant grace wouldn't have a car her senoir year of high school. Then he replied we will hopley have another car by them, if not she will get one before Christmas. Its funny how 2 weeks ago he said I wouldn't have a car, and now he has decided that I need one. I'm super excitied, I can go to the goercry store or walmart when ever I need to with out having to search for a ride, but most of all I can come home for thanksgiving with out having to fly all over. You see my dad works for southwest airlines, we get free flights but you fly space avaiable which on really busy days, such as thanksgiving weekend can be long days, sometime taking multiple fights, but then again when you fly for free you really can't complain.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu hysteria means no school for senoirs friday

The Swine flu has taken my world by a storm. Schools are shutting down for a week or more if even one kid has a probable case. Yesterday I was watching the news and Fort worth isd shut down its whole district for seven school days because they had one confirmed case and 3 probable cases. Everyone is freaking out, UIL events are canceled for two weeks, and big events such as mayfest are canceled.

It wasn't till today that the Swine flu hysteria hit home. This morning I woke up sick, couldn't keep my breakfast down for even five minutes. I called my mom and immediately she was asking me if I had any other systems. I felt perfectly fine accept my stomach was hurting a little, and i was weak, I'm hypoglycemic, my blood sugar was low and I need to eat but couldn't, but I was fine. I didn't want to go to the Senior meeting cause I was afraid of getting sick in front of everyone and I was still quite weak, but I didn't want to risk not walking. I went and went straight to the front of this massive line of my friends, and other fellow seniors. I checked in and found out they canceled the senior six flags trip and all other Field trips through next week. They also didn't want to house 1200 kids in lower A hall, that putting about 150 kids in each room. They canceled the meeting because your more likely to catch the swine flu in crowed areas. So good news for Senior no six flags, tickets were 75 dollars and only 200 something signed up and the rest of us were expected to go to school tomorrow for 3 hours doing nothing. Now all seniors have tomorrow off. Its great but a little nerve racking, they didn't cancel prom which is next Saturday but if anyone catches the flu they will cancel it for sure.

I feeling much better I went to jamba juice and got a smoothie and that got my blood sugar up some. I kept down and ate little cracker snacks and kept down my dinner. I relieved I still kinda hungry but that's okay.

I have an eight page paper due tomorrow and I pretty much only have like a forth done. I'm a huge procrastinator but in my defence the paper is actually due Monday but I have an AP exam so I have to turn it in friday. I'm officially working on my first college term paper and I must say they suck but I need a really good grade. Next week is the last week of classes at CCCC and i must say I'm pretty excited, both of my classes don't have a comprehensive final and my last test in each class is gonna take place on the exam dates so not to much stress after I finish this paper. Crap I forgot I have an opinion thing due in psych tomorrow to. That won't take me long. I gonna be up all night but that's okay because after that I can go home and sleep because no high school classes for seniors.

Summer is almost here and I can't wait for next year. I found out because of my amazing act math score I don't have to take the placement exam and will go into calculus.. ugh but i have to have it for my major. I was semi productive and took the chem. placement exam and I placed into freshman chemistry. I was okay at chemistry but I'm glad to say I not majoring in chemistry. I graduating with 15 hours so that kinda cool I think. 3 weeks left of high school. Then no school for me because I'm exempt from all finals so no school on senior final week. Then grad practise and graduation. YAY!!! I'm ready to fly, I'm ready to move on. I even got my bedding in I order for next year. I'm so ready and then again I should be and I've prepared myself the best I possibly can.

Friday, April 24, 2009


My dad found a lovely brown package on our door step. When we opened it inside was a lovely surprise. A nice sky blue Texas Tech Hoodie. Then when I saw the invoice. It was from my cousin Brittany. Its funny how something so small can make your day.

Guns Up!!

I finally got a dorm room. I'm super excited.

Today I found out the state of Texas got rid of the Texas b on time loan. Which pretty much a grant if you graduate in 4 years, if not it becomes a loan. It would have given my family over 5,000 a year and now its gone due to funding. The state of texas doesn't have a tuition assistance program for it students so now alot of us are wondering what to do.

My family only qualifies for the Stafford unsubsidized loan, and I have no college fund. I'll be the first to get a 4 year degree in my family but its sure going to be tough. I'm sure everything will work out fine, its just hard riding out the storm.

I signed up for orientation and everything. I pretty much have seniorites I'm ready to graduate. I'm ready for high school to be over. I have 4 weeks left and 5 till graduation. I have most of next week off due to state testing for everyone else.

Not to mention my two cccc classes end in 3 weeks. One paper, a test an two finals and I'm done. I got to experience a little bit of the college classroom experience this year and i've learned alot. I learned how to study, and that you must study. I will do much better next year at Tech and I didn't mess up my gpa so thats good.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Change is everything I need right now. A fresh start. I'm leaving all the tears, the lies, the rumors idoits started, the heartbreak, and everything be hind. I'm moving on. This is for me and no one else.

I got rid of the old post and change the look to help myself move on.

I'm happy again. I finally made up my mind on what school I'll be attending next year. I will be going to Texas Tech University. Go raiders!!!! Guns up.

I applied for housing but there was no regular rooms left so I had to apply for a living community. I'll probably end up in the education community however I'll be a microbiology major going pre-med. The lady on the phone said other girls are in my situation and it really doesn't matter at this point. I'm sure I'll have fun where ever I will live. I'm nervous to but I guess that's a normal thing.

I've decided change is good and much need. Life is better when you enjoy it and when your happy